Ok, so this may be the unspoken bit of pre-wedding preparation, but still vitally important!

Whilst trying to protect and condition the beautiful crowning glory on your head, you may also be dreading removing the hair from other areas of your body. Waxing may well be the answer.

I am still amazed at the number of people who have never had a professional wax, and seen and felt the benefits.

  • once hair is removed by waxing at the root, skin is hair free for between 3-8 weeks, depending on hair growth and the stage the hair was removed at. So your honeymoon can be hair and problem free.
  •  unlike shaving or chemical removers, waxing does not cause damage or irritation to the skin, particularly hot wax, which only sticks to hair, not skin.
  • waxing the skin also exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells and so reveals a softer, smoother and fresher skin underneath.
  • when hair does grow back, it grows in a naturally tapered shape and so feels finer and softer, unlike shaved hair which is cut at a blunt angle and feels coarser as it grows back.
  • following subsequent treatments, hair can grow back sparser and in some cases can stop growing in patches as the root is constantly being disrupted. Shaving, especially with an electric trimmer can stimulate the root by comparison.

Before the initial treatment, a consultation should take place to ensure there are no contraindications to waxing. Also to find out how hair was last removed and when – this can affect the initial result. Hair needs to be at least 1/4 ” or between 1/2-1cm in length. The therapist can trim hair which is longer, but short hair is harder to remove and can snap.

At Buff, I only use high quality wax from Perron Riggot. The strip wax is used for larger less sensitive body parts such as legs and arms. For facial waxing, underarms and bikini areas I use hot wax, which unlike it’s name suggests, is applied at a slightly cooler temperature than strip wax. This is used over a fine, dry-oil which protects the skin and provides the most comfortable hair removal experience.

I was trained by Kim Lawless, The Waxing Queen, and feel her techniques are the best in the industry.

Whilst I would not promise that waxing is pain-free – we are removing hair from the root after all, a good waxer will ensure that you feel relaxed and that discomfort is kept to a minimum. The procedure is quick and the feeling is a quick stinging sensation and then it’s all over. A soothing aftercare product will be applied, aftercare advice given and then you are on your way!